Major League Garbage

Major League Garbage (MLG) is the global TCS (Trash Can Championship Series). MLG is mainly just a website created by Xyphien who constantly says he's MLG - Major League Garbage. However, that doesn't mean you cannot join us in making Major League Garbage the next unprofessional trash tier community.

Mobile Gaming

If you are complete trash at mobile gaming, we will accept you for who you are. We support mobile gaming, the most cancerous form of gaming!

Console Gaming

Are you a complete noob at Halo, Call of Duty, Battle Field, or any other Console game? We accept you for who you are!

PC Gaming

Ahh, the master race of all gaming! If you are a not a gaming peasant and play PC games then we obviously accept you. Especially if you're trash at PC Games!

Join the community, or get free games?

Feel free to join the MLG Community or Join GameHandout and get free games!

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